About KNAZ


Our Mission Statement

Win the lost to Jesus and disciple believers to live holy lives.

We have made a commitment to do whatever is necessary to reach unchurched or dechurched people. Once we establish a relationship with them and they establish a relationship with God, they become part of Christ's body or the church. We openly welcome people with challenges and problems but are seeking a relationship with God and others.


Celebration: We believe that to have an effective community we must commit to a time of weekly celebration. At these celebrations you will experience authentic worship and challenging Biblical teaching on issues that are important to you today. We are a church that is fluid adjusting our methods along the way to more effectively be the Church to our community.

Community: We are a church that cherishes authentic community providing community groups to foster genuine and transparent relationships. Community groups or small groups play an essential role in the care and development of a believer. We are a church that is constantly growing knowing that none of us have arrived in our spiritual journey, but are here to spur one another on in our spiritual transformation. 

Call: We are a church that sees the potential in people and facilitates them in discovering Gods design for their life and contribution to His kingdom. We believe that Gods design was for every believer to participate in serving and building the church. We are a church that is compassionate about people with needs in our community and is actively looking for ways to serve others in our community and around the world.

Christ-Centered: The call of God has been the same since the beginning of time.  We are called to surrender our lives and center them around Jesus Christ.  At Kingman Nazarene we strongly urge people to participate in Celebration, Community, and Call.  While these three activities are biblical and commendable they all should be viewed and carried out through the perspective of Christ-centeredness.  The mission of our church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ.  We strongly encourage, teach, and promote living the Christ-centered life as part of that growing relationship.  

Church Staff

Phil Corbin


God called me to be a pastor during Vacation Bible School when I was in the sixth grade. When I was a senior in high school God reminded me of His call upon my life. Lacking much guidance and/or support rather than going to college I joined the Navy; and wandered the world {both literally and figuratively} for the next four years.

After coming home from overseas and getting out of the Navy I returned to my home church. There I not only returned to God, but I also met Esther. 

Esther and I were married on December 21, 1974, and had our children: Jessica in 1976, and Philip in 1977. I had a variety of jobs before becoming a pastor: stockroom, U.S. Navy (Radioman Second Class, E-5), Tele-Communications, Letter Carrier and Clerk for the Post Office; during college I worked in security, the cage in the gym, and washed cars, and then in Lee’s Summit I worked for a convenience store.

In November 1978 God reminded me {again} of His call upon my life. In June 1980 we moved to Nampa, Idaho where I attended NNC {Northwest Nazarene College, now University}—and I was Youth pastor as the Nampa Bethel Church of the Nazarene {Rev. Ron McGilvra was Senior Pastor}—earning a BA in Philosophy and Religion in June 1983. In June of 1983 we moved to Lee’s Summit MO {Kansas City} to attend Seminary (during which time we went broke and I had to drop out of Seminary and went back to work for the Post Office), and in June of 1984 we moved to Westminster, California where I was Associate Pastor at the Westminster Community Church of the Nazarene {Rev. Marion McCandless was Senior Pastor}. In April 1987 I became Pastor at Linda Vista Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, California. Then in July 1990 I became Pastor at the El Centro Church of the Nazarene; then after eleven years as pastor in El Centro the Lord led us to the Fort Mohave Christian Joy Church of the Nazarene in April 2001; where I was pastor for fourteen years, retiring on February 22, 2015. 

While I was on Southern California District I served on District Camps Board, District Properties Board, and District Assembly Arrangements Committee; and on Arizona District I served on both the Ministerial Studies Board and the Credentials Board.  

Toni Henry




Toni Henry is Associate Pastor at Kingman Church of the Nazarene (KNAZ) working with Youth, Children, & Families for the past 15 years. 

As I child, I rode the church bus to church where I accepted Jesus into my life when I was 12. In 2003, I felt God calling me to become a pastor, but being super shy, there was no way that would ever happen.

Except, in Christ, all things are possible!! 

I was able to overcome my extreme fear of public speaking,

and in 2015, I was ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

God is so Good!!

My husband, Scott, and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary. 

We have 2 awesome adult kids, 2 adorable kitties and an elusive lizard. 

I serve on the AZ District Nazarene Missions International (NMI) Council as secretary and work with the AZ District Council at Summer Camp.

My passion is serving people so they can experience God's love and be transformed the way I was. I especially love helping children and youth discover their potential in the unique way God created them. 

God is still doing amazing things... here in Kingman and around the world!!