Name: Rev. Gary and Marge Bright (email)     Date: 3/30/2016, 20:17
Comments: Fantastic building. So happy to see such growth in our "favorite" church.

Name: Jeannie Miller (email)     Date: 11/1/2015, 19:15
Comments: This a wonderful church. We are so happy we are part of the church family. The website is awesome!!

Name: Ray and Deb McDannell (email)     Date: 1/19/2014, 20:03
Comments: We are enjoying getting to know this very friendly congregation.

Name: James Roberson (email)     Date: 8/27/2013, 18:12
Comments: I like it!

Name: David & Judy Gaither (email)     Date: 8/12/2013, 0:43
Comments: Very nice start on our first website. Anxious to see it grow.

Name: Roy Hayes (email)     Date: 8/5/2013, 17:47
Comments: Love the website